Terms and Conditions

The team that wins the highest point wins. In the virtual world of cricket there will be just as many teams playing as in the real tournament.

As every game lover knows, each team will have 11 members out of which will be two all-rounders, a wicket keeper, 4 batsmen and 4 bowlers.

The points provided to players are based by their actual performance on the field and hence if user is serious about winning, selection of the team is important.

Winning in Virtual cricket

It's all about team work and thus any website member must build their dream team based on the merit of their players and not because of superficial reasons such as look, fashion sense.

It is here that true fans stand a chance to win because they will have a thorough knowledge about each of the players on their dream team.

Players who are new to the game may find this slightly difficult but then there is bound to be at least a hard core fan in the house whose help can be sought in these matters!

The world of Fantasy or virtual cricket is wonderful for those fans that would have liked to make their own team and are not satisfied with the actual selection.

The players have to be selected in such a way that includes 4 batsman's, 2 all-rounders, 1 wicket keeper and 4 bowlers. And the team should be formed within the provided salary cap.

If the online player wins then there is definitely a valid point that might prove to the selectors.